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Dear Crotch Stain,

I know how to exploit you. You crave dark desires with an evil temptress, one who will consume your pathetic fantasy and twist it into a whole new world of pleasure. Come into my lair of mind fucking mental torture and head games... a haunted place, where fiction meets reality. Gaze into my pretty blue eyes, the windows to my black soul and try to imagine what I have in store for you. If it's scares you, then I will turn it up a few notches and push it further. I will be your Princess, the one you will solely worship and praise. You'll be a part of my Kingdom where the Marquis De Sade looks like fucking Santa Claus. I'm more than just an alternative style dominant, I'm playing with the forces that will control your mind, control your soul, and for me it's just entertainment.

The Gothic Princess
Call Me toll free 1-888-432-2352
Just $20 for 10 minutes and $2.00 per min thereafter
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